Friday, 27 November 2015

Winner: Amnesty International Best New Journalist

My reporting of the Ebola virus outbreak in Liberia was recognised at the Amnesty International Media Awards last night, where I was handed the Gaby Rado Memorial Award.

The articles published in the Sunday Times, the Observer and the Independent on Sunday sought to highlight the broader impact of the disease on already impoverished communities.

The stories showed how people were dying not just from the virus itself, but from fear and as a result of the government and international community's inadequate response.

They also highlighted the vital role local NGOs played in the response, particularly charity Street Child.

My entry as presented at the awards ceremony by BBC world affairs correspondent Mike Thomson

Part of my acceptance speech

The Gaby Rado Memorial Award recognises the work of a journalist who has been covering human rights issues for less than five years.

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