Friday 23 February 2024

iNews: ‘They’ve forgotten who they are’: Race to save children abducted from Ukraine

Like hundreds of other abducted Ukrainian children, Denys Berezhnii believed what the Russian soldiers said. It was October 2022 and the Kremlin’s army had occupied his home city of Kherson. The bus outside the 16-year-old’s orphanage would take him to a camp for a short break in Russian-occupied Crimea. The soldiers did not mention that it was a one-way trip.

Mr Berezhnii finally left Russian soil this month. Almost a year and a half later, having turned 18, he contacted the charity Save Ukraine and asked them to get him out. The organisation has been at the forefront of rescuing forcibly deported or displaced Ukrainian children from Russia, of which there are more than 19,500 according to the Ukraine’s National Information Bureau. Only 388 have returned so far...

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