Tuesday 6 February 2024

Devex - How the response to hunger crises has changed since Ethiopia's famine

Forty years ago, more than 400 television stations worldwide broadcast BBC news footage warning that 1 million people were starving to death in Ethiopia. It garnered a global response, including the famed Live Aid fundraising concerts in the United States and United Kingdom which raised more than $100 million.

But hunger remains a serious problem in Ethiopia, the Greater Horn of Africa, and elsewhere around the globe.

Last month, Save The Children UK and the Hungry for Action campaign screened a similarly cautionary film at an event in London about drought-devastated communities in Somaliland. This time, the message is starker: Since 1984, 18.3 million people have died globally from hunger, according to the alliance’s estimates. The organizers warned that the mainstream media is not reporting enough on the issue, nor are governments acting on it.

So what are the differences between the wider hunger crisis in East Africa today and the former in Ethiopia? And how can the global development sector encourage governments, the media, and the public to fund it and take action?...

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